Android Spy Showcase: Appmia Under The Spotlight!

Have you ever wanted to know if your partner is cheating on you? Perhaps your spouse has this irregular activity patter… leaving at wee hours of the night, going home really late, etc. Maybe your partner is always on the phone with the “chairperson”, and whispers while talking to the boss so ypu have to try Appmia program.

Do you want to make sure your child IS where they say they are? Are you suspecting that they are using the phone UN-safely, BUT unfortunately, you have no proof because they erase just about everything (call logs, emails, URLs, visited, text messages etc.)?

What about your employees? Do you want to know what they are doing when they call in sick? Want to know if they really are caught up in the traffic jam when they are late for work? Perhaps you are wondering where the budget for phone usage goes is it for business or personal purposes?

Now, before we answer those questions, consider this: a couple of years ago, the main tool for communication is the internet. HOWEVER, with the advent of highly-portable and advanced smart phones, people (kids, teens, grown-ups, and everyone else in between) surf the World Wide Web, send and receive emails, chat with friends, etc. using their BlackBerries and Androids. YES, the main tools for communication in this generation are the ever-evolving smart phones that can do just about anything.

So here’s the conclusion: if you want to keep track of your spouse, kids, and employees, if you want to answer the questions above, you need to keep track what they are doing with their mobile phone. And to do that, you need a reliable Android spy. Many Android spy and apps have come and passed. Only a handful of them remain and really deliver on their promises.