Appmia Spy App Tools and Features

Appmia is one of the very few successful and affordable Android spy and apps available in the market. Armed with the most advanced tracking and spying features, this is the only software you need to keep updated with the whereabouts of people you need to track. And more importantly, it informs you their cell phone activity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the MOST powerful features that Appmia has:

Call Logging: With this Android spy app, you can see all of the numbers that the target cell phone has called and which phone numbers have called them. Moreover, Appmia will tell you how many calls were made for each number and how many calls were received as well. The time stamp and duration of the calls are also recorded. Yes, nothing would be left unturned or unchecked. You can even see if the name is saved in the Android’s memory!
SMS Recording: Want to read the text messages that are received and sent out by the phone number? No problem! Appmia has you covered. And more importantly, this Android spy doesn’t depend on the internal logging of the phone. It doesn’t matter if they are erased or deleted. Appmia accounts them as they are generated!
GPS Location Tracking: Want to track the phone and owner’s location REAL TIME? With the GPS location tracking feature, you can pinpoint the exact location of the phone and owner through Google Maps. Yes, you won’t have to wonder if your kids are at the library or if your employee is stuck in the traffic jam as he says he is.
Contacts: Every single contact number in the phone is registered! It even accounts for the new ones added so you are NOT left in the dark.
Email Tracking: Want to know who your employees or kids are exchanging emails with? No biggie! Just like the text message tracking feature, Appmia will track each and every sent and received email the full texts, the attachments, etc. Nothing will be hidden from you when you have this Android spy.
URL Logging: If you are suspecting that your teens are not using the phone’s browser in a wholesome way, the URL logging capability of Appmia will answer your question! It will log all of the URLs that the user has visited. It doesn’t matter if they clear the history of the browser. You will know if they are viewing something that they shouldn’t!